Ghanaian Yoga

Ghanaian Yoga


Morning: 11:00 - 12:00

Teacher: Ava

Ava has been teaching yoga professionally for 3 years and practicing for almost 10. Her classes are a mixture of dynamic physical challenge and an invitation to turn inwards to truth and love. She believes that the body is our gateway to spiritual exploration, so students can expect to break a sweat in all sessions to get the energy body moving. She loves using music to compliment creative sequences. 

Whilst Ava is a first generation Brit, her mother is from Gujarat in India and father is from Accra in Ghana. These days her culture and the story of her lineage brings a great sense of pride, joy and belonging. Through this and her yoga practice, she is immersed deeply in a love for Indian spirituality. Through music she loves connecting with her African roots!

Ava teaches at many established London studios, on self-organised retreats, and also to refugee groups. She is interested in building community and a sense of belonging; with a series of creative yoga events she's started called The Soul Sessions.

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