African Flow Yoga

This is a strong and flowing yoga class, accompanied by the soothing tones of music from Africa.

Learn to follow your breath, elongate and stretch your body so you are ready to take rest and relax into your day.

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Afrobeat Dance Workshop

Afrobeat is now one of the most recognisable music genres in the world. The term was coined in the 1970s by Fela Kuti.

You will be introduced to new steps and moves so you can follow the choreography! Dance away those unwanted calories. Come and get your body moving to the amazing percussive soundtrack of music from Africa!


Grime HIIT

This class is designed to strengthen and tone your core muscles and give you a full body workout that maximises fat and calorie burning.

Perfect if you are short on time but wanna get your grove on. Sound-tracked by the best Grime Music. A dribble of the old with the best flavouring of the new!


HipHop Circuits

In this Circuits class, you'll move around various exercise stations and workout different muscle groups.

You'll work hard, testing both your cardio, strength and endurance for an all-round challenge. With moves can be adapted to all physical abilities.

Natural Body Weight

These sessions focus on functional movement. The aim is to explore using your own body to achieve maximum strength.

Here you will work on your flexibility and building core, upper and lower body strength.

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Soca Aerobics

Soca Aerobics is a dance and fitness fusion class that blends a range of Caribbean dance movements, accompanied by a mix of old school Calypso, Chutney tracks and Soca.

This exhilarating dance fitness workout is a high-intensity class which allows you to burn those calories. You will learn simple choreography that gets you right into the heart of the music!